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I apologize for those that tried to get a hold of me by phone for questions without luck , please use the phone for Credit Card information on order placed via e-mail only, if you have questions about any product, e-mail your question and I will be more than glad in reply, the less I stay on the phone, the more I can work at my Shop, Thank You!

Telephone – Under my signature on all my e-mails, to be used after you e-mail me with your order.

Please use the FAX number to place orders, is safe as I am the only one with access to the Fax Machine, also, all orders placed by fax will get priority shipping.

FAX – (423) – 479-0575


P.O. Box 0491

Cleveland, TN. 37364

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All prices show in this site are discounted CASH prices, CREDIT CARDS USERS will need to add Bank fees: