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About Refinishing

I’m refinishing since 1984 and I must say I have done it all and used all kinds of products, you will always have a very positive surprise with our services, that is our promise and we have a 100% Customer Satisfaction to back us up!

All firearms must to be shipped directly to us for refinishing, restoration or repair since we are a BATFE Licensed Firearms Manufacturer. You do not need to have an FFL (federal Firearms License) or ship your firearm through a local firearms dealer. We will ship the firearm back directly to you.

For Machine Guns, Suppressors and other Title II Firearms, the same policy applies. No BATFE Form 5 is required by BATFE to ship Tittle II firearms to a Class II Manufacturer, you must attach a copy of your existing BATFE FORM showing that the firearm is registered in your name.

Turn around time is usually one week or less, you will be informed when to ship your Firearm so when it arrive at our Shop we actually will work on it, not seating in the shelf for weeks. We are very proud of our system!

Shipper is responsible for shipping/insurance fees both ways, You can use UPS, FedEx for all weapons and USPS for long guns and machine guns (not handguns)

Available Colors for Refinishing

Refinish in Molly Coat Resin:

GLOSSY BLACK – Very Glossy black that looks like an expensive black “blue-job” wet with oil.

BLACK Flat – Black in coloration with a non-reflective dull matte appearance. This a slightly darker shade compared to the above Grayish-Black Moly Resin™. Norrell Manufacturing supplies this Mil-Spec finish to the sub-contractors that manufacture US SOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command) products for H&K and the U.S. Military such as the sound suppressor for the H&K Mark 23 SOCOM .45 Cal. pistol used by the Navy Seals and Special Forces. It is also used by a number of firearm manufacturers. Our most popular color.

BLACK Semi-Gloss – Black in coloration with a slight gloss that is similar in appearance to the H&K (Heckler & Koch) type finish. Good match to H&K, UZI, and other similar semi-gloss black guns.

GRAYISH-BLACK Flat – Dark gray-black coloration with a flat appearance. This duplicates the appearance of the early original Colt AR-15/M-16 finish. This is the same product that is purchased from us by the U.S. Military to refinish Colt M-16’s.

GRAY Flat – A match to older gray military parkerizing including some very early Colt M-16 rifles. Gray flat in coloration with an almost unnoticeable (except under certain lighting conditions) a very slight tint of green. This is a lighter shade of gray than our Greenish-Gray.

GREENISH-GRAY Flat – This is an exact Mil-Spec color match to the U.S. Military parkerizing seen on older military firearms there are turned slightly green due to storage in cosmoline. Base color is grayish-black flat.

GREEN Flat (Olive Drab) – Olive (flat) drab green that is a match to U.S. Military OD green. Also used by a well-known U.S. handgun manufacturer for their .45 cal. pistols and shotguns.

TAN Flat, BROWN Flat, and OFF-WHITE Flat – Basic Camo colors (Tan is new U.S. Military mid-east desert tan 30118 color fed standard 595B)

STAINLESS STEEL – Powdered stainless steel metal mixed with clear phenolic Moly Resin. Gives the appearance of brushed stainless steel when applied over any type of metal. A pleasantly surprising match to real stainless. Used primarily to color match small parts such as scope rings, bases, and other parts, etc. when they are not available in stainless. For best match to brushed stainless, this coating is recommended to be sprayed over a smooth non-abrasive air blasted surface.

CLEAR COAT – Moly Resin phenolic resin with no coloration pigments or additives for lubrication. Can be applied over a cured colored Moly Resin coating or to bare metal.

Refinish in Duracoat

-Camo Patterns-

Industrial Dye Finish (polymer parts)

HK USC in Black

HK SL8-1 in Black

Steyr AUG/ FN PS90/ and others


Molly Coat Resin Specifications

The bonded coating will appear uniform in color, smooth and free from cracks, runs, sags, scratches, pin holes, blisters, bubbles, and foreign matter.

The optimal thickness of the coating will be between .0003″ and .0009″ unless a thicker coating is desired. The thin coating characteristics of less than one thousands of an inch allows easy re-assembly of precision fitted parts

Moly Resin™ contains molybdenum disulfide, which provides excellent anti-friction characteristics. Wear life is comparable to blued, parkerized and other common firearm finishes. Moly Resin™ is a phenolic Resin that when thermally cured, produces the most durable thermally cured painted surface of any products on the market. Wear life when tested on Tabor Abrasurf with #CS10 wheel installed @ 500 grams weight minimum 235 RPM’s.

Thermal Stability:
The cured coating will withstand exposure at 500 f for 1000 hours minimum and 1000 hour minimum soak at -125 f. Minimum initial oxidation temperature is 880 f. Thermal breakaway is 1000 f minimum.

Fluid Resistance:
Moly Resin™ will meet 24 hour emersion requirements in the following fluids: aviation gasoline, hydraulic fluid, jet fuel, lubricating oils, paint removers, trichlorethylene, nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, hydrogen peroxide, gun powder solvents, strong bases such as ammonium and sodium hydroxide, and numerous other strong chemicals.

Corrosion Resistance:
Moly Resin™, when applied to bare sandblasted cold rolled steel will pass the test procedures for salt water spray at 1000 hours, salt water immersion at a minimum of 1000 hours, accelerated salt spray test equivalent to 30 years marine atmosphere exposure, and 60 days sea water immersion.

Hardness is 1H. This meets and/or exceeds the hardness of any Epoxy,Teflon or other thermally cured firearm coating or paints on the market.

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