Barrel Work for FN PS90


1 – Include Removal and installation of short barrel -$25 (just cutting barrel and sleeve)

2 – Include Removal and installation of short barrel -$95 (saving barrel, sleeve and pin)*

* Note – We will try to save your barrel, sometimes for some reason some barrels will not turn even after the pin is out (lock thread used at factory or else) in the event we cannot save your barrel we will cut it and you will be charged only $25. Was noticed the brand new PS90 with un-shot barrels will turn easily out.


Also, we have a Machine Shop and a Refinish Shop that will make possible to build your custom dream come true weapon.

Homeland Defense & Police Supply Corp

Our Mission
We specialize in Assault Weapons, Class 3 Firearms and Suppressors for Civilians and will also provide help and logistic for Govt. Agencies and Police Depts.