COLT AR15 M4A3 CARBINE R6920LE (Unfired/NIB)

Those AR’s are legal for civilians now. Those units are NEW IN BOX from COLT, the only difference (and a BIG one) is that the receivers were finished in black SOCOM by HDPS as they come from COLT with a very thin anodizing and many already scratched from factory. Those Carbines are perfected in our shop for the real COLT collector and for those that want a better finish and overall look and extra durability.

This weapon come with KAC M4 RAS hand guard with 3 cover panels, KAC 300m flip up rear sight and vertical grip also as well the original detachable carry handle with A2 sights.

Package is: Original serialized box and plastic sleeve, sealed COLT factory pack with two 30 rd magazines, cleaning kit, manual and sling.

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Also, we have a Machine Shop and a Refinish Shop that will make possible to build your custom dream come true weapon.

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