IMI UZI 9mm Submachine Gun (Transferable to Civilians)

IMI UZI 9mm Submachine Gun (Transferable to Civilians)

Real UZI SMG, original Israeli IMI Registered Receiver not a registered bolt or made from domestic receiver.

No locking tab so you can use a real UZI SMG bolt and barrel ring was milled for SMG barrels, Imported by Action Arms/ISRAEL MILITARY INDUSTRIES and done by FLEMING FIREARMS.

Comes with SIX UZI 32 rd magazines on Two new ponchos, SMG barrel threaded for Sound Suppressor (1/2X28 tpi), M16 type flash suppressor, UZI SMG Shroud, UZI sling, UZI magazine loader, UZI Bayonet and rare to find original UZI flash light (working) with canvas carry poncho, UZI wood fixed stock. Also included is a new zippered carry bag marked U.S. with M60 sling and two zippered pockets (rare to find). This UZI model B was re-marked UZI SMG and it is pristine in and out conditions.


Also, we have a Machine Shop and a Refinish Shop that will make possible to build your custom dream come true weapon.

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We specialize in Assault Weapons, Class 3 Firearms and Suppressors for Civilians and will also provide help and logistic for Govt. Agencies and Police Depts.