This is a serial number 145 of 495 ever made in 1993, please don’t confuse this pistol with the recent production postban or any other parts gun, this is the Real Deal for the collector! This is the crispy and special production of this Pistol, lower receiver was made specially for it, no plug where the stock tube would be.

OLYMPIC ARMS OA-93 PISTOL .223 cal. NIB PREBAN (Unfired) – Collectors Dream! –

This weapon is a hard to find and hi collectable AR-15 style new and unfired PISTOL. This is an OA-93 AR-15 in 5,56 Pre Ban Pistol vortex flash suppressor, free floating hand guard, revolutionary upper design that eliminates the need of a buffer tube found in other AR-15 type, yet with a sweet recoil. Pistol will come with the original new factory SGW/OA 30 rd magazine (also very rare to find), OA-93 Carbine Pistol and a hard case.

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