SL8/ACR Block with Eyelet/Thumbhole screws / Hardware to mount ACR Stock/ ACR Folding/Collapsible Stock


SL8/ACR Block with Eyelet/Thumbhole screws / Hardware to mount ACR Stock/ ACR Folding/Collapsible Stock

HK SL8 -1 or 4 and HK SL8 -6 to G36 Stock Block Conversion for ACR Folding/Collapsible stock, steel screws included-

(ACR Stock is an U.S. made compliance part)

NEW Stock Block design from HDPS CORP for your SL8 1 or 6. This block uses the new ACR stock, it beats by far the Hk G36 Kv stock in feel, looks and ergonomics, also it folds in angle leaving the ejection port completely clear.
It is also much shorter when collapsed, 7 positions AND adjustable cheek piece as well. It locks solid when open or folded, with cheek piece down you have a comfortable position for the iron sights and if you are using optics just raise the cheek piece!

The ACR™ Telescoping/Folding Stock is made of high-impact composite polymer with a rubber butt pad. The seven position telescoping stock has an adjustable length of pull from 11” to 14”. The stock also unlocks and folds to the right side and is held open by a hinge detent, allowing for the rifle to become more compact but still able to be fired. An adjustable, locking cheek weld piece can raise 1/2” for better sight alignment with optics. A sling can be attached to the integral webbing loop, to a quick detach coupler that can swap to either side or to the single point sling loop. (ACR Stock is a product from Bushmaster Brand name)

NOTE – You will need to prep the G36 Lower Receiver/Pistol grip to fit your SL8 upper like in any other conversion. You first make sure your G36 Pistol grip  both sides top of walls edge are sanded down, once the front push pin holes are matted, you are good. Insert pistol grip on upper, slide the HDPS Corp Block in and insert rear push pin.  You will need a G36 Lower and an extra push pin in order to sue this part on your SL8.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 5 in

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