UMP HDPS 7.87″ Barrel


Stainless Steel HK UMP or SBR USC Threaded M16X1 LH

Those are the HDPS CORP production UMP and USC Barrels made with the cutting edge CNC machinery by Green Mountain Rifle Barrels Co., a company in the specialty business of only make quality barrels for 31 years…

Those barrels are made from blanks of 4140 Chrome Molly Steel (Stainless Steel for the UMP Barrels), turned on centers, machine finish. Stress relieved & Air gaged to +/- .0002″.

You can find reproduction barrels for the UMP and USC in two places only, BUT you will find the exact specs of the originals German made only here. Just compare the UMP barrel. Our barrel is an exact reproduction with all German specs. not a low profile barrel.

Also, our USC barrels have the same design of the UMP barrel by the chamber face allowing :

1- The use of a 16″ barrel in the UMP, so PD’s and Govt. Agencies that always wanted a little more speed and accuracy on their UMP’s, now have a choice for a quick barrel swap.

2- All barrels are compatible with USC bolt/carrier AND UMP bolt/carrier!!

Also, we have a Machine Shop and a Refinish Shop that will make possible to build your custom dream come true weapon.

Homeland Defense & Police Supply Corp

Our Mission
We specialize in Assault Weapons, Class 3 Firearms and Suppressors for Civilians and will also provide help and logistic for Govt. Agencies and Police Depts.