UMP/USC Long Top Rail and 2 Low Profile Screws


No other outfit have this quality at low price, they are our FOURTH generation and IMPROVED with NO sharp edges, upper rail is just a little over 1″ longer but give you almost 2″ for more choices to fit your scope or sight, rounded front face for snag free and 100% base contact with receiver giving you a complete rail stability. Lower rails no longer have the notches for KAC covers, they were just another sharp points and we have now a variety of snap on much cheaper rubber covers for those rails that don’t use those notches anymore.

And don’t forget, those are not just anodized, they are Class 3 Mil specs hard coat anodized, no milling marks and in flat black.

Sold hundreds to SWAT TEAM’s, SRT’s and Government Agencies, real action tested!


Also, we have a Machine Shop and a Refinish Shop that will make possible to build your custom dream come true weapon.

Homeland Defense & Police Supply Corp

Our Mission
We specialize in Assault Weapons, Class 3 Firearms and Suppressors for Civilians and will also provide help and logistic for Govt. Agencies and Police Depts.